Verify and Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks is a very advanced tool for managing accounts of small and medium-size business organizations. QuickBooks gives you many benefits of basic accounting like creating invoices, managing expenses, sales, track inventories, etc efficiently and accurately. Bookkeepers know that accounting is a very complex and tedious job but with the help of QuickBooks, you can perform your work more easily and accurately. It saves a lot of productive time which can be used for work.

Verify and Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks is robust accounting software which does the work very well but you can encounter errors while performing tasks on it. Here in this article, we will learn how to verify and rebuild data in QuickBooks. Verify Data means to identify the data issues in company file and Rebuild Data means to resolve the data issues identified by Verify Data. You can contact to QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number +1888-382-7559 for more details about QuickBooks version.

Why Verifying And Rebuilding Data In QuickBooks Desktop Is Important?

You can face encounter errors while using QuickBooks. Verifying and Rebuilding data in QuickBooks help to trace a lot of errors while running QuickBooks. Some of the errors are listed below:

  • Missing Transactions from QuickBooks.
  • Names are missing from lists.
  • Some accounts are not displayed in the Balance Sheet.
  • You may encounter fatal errors while using QuickBooks Desktop.
  • To correct any discrepancy regarding the deposited payments.
  • You may run data checkup to diagnose your company file is error free.
  • To sort out any discrepancies on reports, such as invoices or bills that post with negative values.

How To Verify And Rebuild Data In QuickBooks Desktop?

Now we will learn to verify and rebuild data one by one.

To Verify Data

  • Choose Window > Close All.
  • Choose File then select Utilities and then Verify Data.
  • If you see:
    • QuickBooks detected no problems with your data then no further action is required.
    • If you view this message Your data has lost integrity then there is data damage in the file. Now proceed with the below steps to rebuild data. If you need any assistance regarding verifying data then you can contact QuickBooks Error Support.

To Rebuild Data

Take a backup of your company file before you proceed further because in the rare case the process may require to delete transactions or list entries to fix the file. The backup of the company file will ensure there is a safe copy of your company file.

  • Choose File and then select Utilities and then Rebuild
  • Press OK when You receive a warning message to backup your company file.
  • Select the location where you want to save the backup of company file and then select OK at the bottom of the QuickBooks Desktop Backup window
  • Click NO If a message asks if you want to replace another backup file. Enter a new name in the File name field and press Save.
  • Select Cancel at the Rebuild prompt If the backup fails and contact QuickBooks Payroll Support for more help.
  • The Rebuild Data utility will start as soon as the backup is over.
  • Click OK when the message Rebuild has completed is displayed on the screen.

Again Verify

You need to run Verify Data again in order to check for remaining data damage in the company file. Choose File and then select Utilities and then press Verify Data option.

  • On Verifying if additional damage is detected then it means that the damage will need to be manually corrected. Search the error within the log and contact Intuit QuickBooks Support for a resolution.
  • If there are no errors then you can try to restore a recent backup of the company file. To do this Choose File and then select Restore.
  • Note: Ensure that you do not overwrite your existing company file. If you have entered any information after backup then You have to re-enter those entries again after restoring company file.
  • For more information, you can contact QuickBooks Payroll Support.

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How To Get Assistance For Verify and Build Data in QuickBooks?

With the help of the above steps, you can easily verify and Build data in QuickBooks. You can contact to QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1888-382-7559 for any kind of assistance regarding QuickBooks issues. We have a dedicated team of technical support who can resolve all sort of QuickBooks issues.

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