QuickBooks Enterprise Database Setup

QuickBooks Enterprise Database Setup Errors Fixing

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is considered as the best accounting software for businesses that have more than 30 employees and turnover of more than 2 million USD. QuickBooks Enterprise allows up to 30 users to work on single company file at same time. However, to use this software to its best, you need to set it up on your server and other workstations. Setting QuickBooks Enterprise can be a bit complex task for you, and you need to an expert to properly set it up for you. You can also face several errors and issues during the process as well. In this article, we will provide you a complete information to set up QuickBooks Enterprise Database on your system.

QuickBooks Enterprise Database Setup

Following the steps provided in this article will surely be helpful for you to set up QuickBooks Enterprise Database on your system. We will also assist you to resolve possible errors that can occur during the process of set up. You can also connect with our support department at QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number +1888-382-7559 tollfree.

How To Set Up QuickBooks Enterprise?

  • Purchase a valid subscription of QuickBooks Enterprise. You will receive the License Number and Product Number after the successful purchase.
  • Download the installation file of QuickBooks Enterprise or insert the installation CD.
  • While installing QuickBooks Enterprise, you will have three options on your screen. Select as per your scenario.
    • Are you using QuickBooks on your own computer?
    • Are you using QuickBooks on a server?
    • Will you share your company file here so that it could be shared over your network?
  • Activate QuickBooks Enterprise on your system using Product Number and License Numbers.
  • If you are using QuickBooks Enterprise for the first time, create a new QuickBooks company file.
  • If you have upgraded from QuickBooks Pro or Premier to Enterprise, update your existing QuickBooks Company File.
  • Add users and provide access permissions.

Common QuickBooks Database Related Errors

The latest version QuickBooks Enterprise comes with the Sybase Database that has increased file size limits and it allows you to store more data in your database. Some of the errors from previous versions are also changed. Various other database are also added in the new versions of QuickBooks Enterprise and majority of error codes or messages are not used for example, such as the Error C=XXX series.

For non-standard users, you can get the Error C=1 while or after creating backup of your company file and restoring it to a new system. QuickBooks Error C=3 indicates that the program is unable to open the QuickBooks Company File on a MAC.

If your Operating System is unable to read the company file, you will be shown the QuickBooks Error C=9. There are possibilities the drive where your company file is located is damaged. You can resolve this error by moving your company file to a new drive.

If the QuickBooks Company File couldn’t be written on your system, you will get the QuickBooks Error C=10 or various other error codes such as C=19, C=21, C=32, C=43. To resolving the issue, you need to make sure that you have mapped your company file properly on the server and all the files are added in the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

Get Help & Technical Support QuickBooks Enterprise Data Base Problem

Hopefully, you find this article helpful for you and you have a clear idea about how to set up QuickBooks Enterprise. You should also be able to resolve all the possible error codes that you can get while setting up QuickBooks Enterprise in your Database. In case, you are still facing some issues during the process of setting up QuickBooks Enterprise, dial QuickBooks Support Number +1888-382-7559 to get instant solution for your errors and issues.

Why Use QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is a financial service software made by Intuit to provide end-to-end accounting solutions. It is very powerful and has many advanced features. It is designed for a growing need for business.  QuickBooks Enterprise provides a dedicated platform for the management of accounts, sales, customer, payroll, inventory, etc.

Why Use QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is made mainly for mid-size business organizations that have outgrown entry level accounting platform. At the same time, the user interface of QuickBooks Enterprise is kept simple so it can be used easily by non-account users also. Its navigational tools or language is kept as simple as possible.

Editions Of QuickBooks Enterprise

Every industry is very unique and demands customization in functionalities of Software. Unlike other accounting software, QuickBooks Enterprise is made of industry-specific features. Its feature makes the work easier and helps companies to scale and meet the demand of customers. The  various edition of QuickBooks Enterprise are:

  • Retail– With the help of QuickBooks Enterprise, you can manage data, report, inventory, pricing facility all at the same platform, thus saving a lot of time.
  • Manufacturing and Wholesale – Here you can manage sales, purchase and inventory report of your manufacturing and wholesale business at a centralized user interface.
  • Contractor– It helps you in managing your job costing estimates and helps you to keep your business profitable. It gives the facility to store vendors list, customer’s list, and other item’s list.
  • Non-Profit – QuickBooks Enterprise manages the list of donors.It has a multi-user facility and also the facility of accessing a report by multiple users. It also provides security to your donors’ data.
  • Professional Services– The software provides customization for tracking time and expanse of all your clients in an efficient manner.
  • Accountant– It manages all your accounting tools at one place which makes work easier.

Benefits Of QuickBooks Enterprise

There are many benefits of QuickBooks Enterprise accounting software. Some of them are listed below:

Industry-Specific Reporting

QuickBooks Enterprise software is made of industry-specific features to serve the various need of the industry. You can get customized reports as per industry requirement.

Manage Reporting & Finances More Easily

  • QuickBooks Enterprise gives you a feature of income tracker where you track your all transaction at one place.
  • It gives you access to industry-specific reports created by other QuickBooks User and helps you to stay well updated about your business.
  • You can create a professional financial statement with the help of Intuit Statement Writer.
  • Combine reports from multiple companies files.

Advanced Inventory

  • With the help of advanced inventory feature, you can assemble your inventories automatically. You don’t have to fill details manually. You can fetch details on the spreadsheet also.
  • Scanning of Barcode allows automatic data entry of inventories.
  • You get Real-time snapshots of the details of on-hand items, sales order, purchase order, and re-orders.
  • You can maintain complete and accurate visibility of your supply chain.
  • With QuickBooks Inventory Center you can locate and report all inventories in one place.
  • It gives you the facility to add and track hundreds of thousands of inventory, non-inventory, or service items
  • With the built-in inventory stock status report, you can track your inventory needs instantly and reorder as per requirement.
  • Change quantity and item components on the fly to make substitutions or accommodate special customer requests

User Role Permissions

  • Give your employees user- or role-based access to information vital to their performance and professional growth:
  • From a centralized user interface, you can create a user profile and grant permission for your employees.
  • Basic user templates help you to create a user profile easily.
  • Advanced permissions give you more than 115 user roles and permissions

Sales & Customers

  • You can easily track customer and follow up sales from the QuickBooks Lead Center.
  • You can set a default percentage markup for your items. You can set custom pricing and billing levels.
  • You can add up to 750 different prices in the price level list. You can also add track hundreds of thousands of customers, vendors, and employees
  • With the help of software, you can find and prioritize customer, add or edit multiple customers instantly or manage a large number of customer’s details like their address, etc.
  • It sends estimates, invoices or sales orders along with applying for payments and calculating sales tax.
  • You can also use foreign currency on sales transactions.

Purchasing & Vendors

  • QuickBooks Enterprise is robust software which gives you an excellent feature of managing and tracking of purchase and vendors.
  • It finds key vendor information instantly. You can instantly add or edit multiple vendors
  • It creates timesheets for multiple employees or vendors in one batch
  • It creates and sends purchase orders. It also receives items and pays to vendors.
  • You can define custom fields to track unique information about vendors or purchase.
  • It tracks the manufacturer’s part number.
  • It uses foreign currencies on purchasing transactions.

Payroll & Employees

  • It finds important details of employees instantly.
  • Enterprise Solutions’ easy-to-use, integrated payroll tools offer several ways to streamline the payroll process from setting up new employees to automating payroll
  • It tracks employee or contractor time
  • It provides a centralized and secure employee information tracking system.
  • You can generate comprehensive employee management reports.
  • Enterprise Solutions also provides tips and details about recruiting, hiring, compensation, benefits, employee relations, and termination, etc.
  • You can print a variety of state and federal forms or employee management forms from the enterprise software.

Security & Productivity Tools

  • QuickBooks Enterprise gives you the facility to view invoices, billing, past transactions, and other important tasks coming due or past due in the Calendar view.
  • You can also upload an important document to QuickBooks record by scanning or attaching receipts, estimates and other business documents through drag and drop feature.
  • QuickBooks Enterprise software supports up to 30 users simultaneously.
  • It can find items in your sales order based on the item detail, including custom fields, directly from your sales order, invoice, or sales receipt. Thus it saves a lot of time for you.

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Reach Us For QuickBooks Enterprise Support

Every Enterprise edition is different and has industry-specific features to meet the various demands of customers. If you need any kind of assistance in deciding the edition of QuickBooks Enterprise version, You can contact QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number +1888-382-7559. You will get the best suggestion based on your company and employee requirement and budget. You can also connect to us through QuickBooks Chat Support. Our QuickBooks executives are working round the clock to assist you.

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