QuickBooks Error 6150: Company File Errors

QuickBooks accounting software is a powerful set of accounting solution that helps you performing complex accounting tasks with ease. However, it is also true that the software is prone to errors and it can fall into errors due to some minor glitches. QuickBooks Error 6150 is one such error that occurs when you try to access or make modifications in your company file. Like any other error from the 6000 series and it also restricts you from opening your company file. When the error occurs, it comes with a description that says:

An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to create, open, or use the company file. Please try again.

QuickBooks Error 6150: Company File Errors

What Causes The Error Code 6150?

The error code 6150 is company file error and but it can be caused due various factors. Usually the error from 6000 series comes when there are some connectivity issues with your company file or your company file is corrupted. Some of the causes due to which this error occurs are as follow:

  • You are trying to create a backup or creating a portable file of a damaged company file.
  • QuickBooks installation is damaged.
  • You are trying to open your company file or portable company file directly without running QuickBooks.
  • You mistakenly changed the file extension of QuickBooks company file.

How To Fix QuickBooks Error 6150

QuickBooks Error 6150 occurs when there is something wrong with your QuickBooks company file. There are two different solutions that you can try to resolve this error. Steps to resolve QB Error Code 6150 are as given below:

Update Your QuickBooks

It is highly recommended that you should be using the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop to avoid most of the errors in QuickBooks. You can update your QuickBooks by following below steps:

  • Login to QuickBooks with administrator rights.
  • From the main menu, go to File > Close Company.
  • Close QuickBooks window as well.
  • From your desktop, right-click on the QuickBooks icon and select Run as administrator from the drop-down options.
  • From the Help menu of QuickBooks, select Update QuickBooks.
  • Click on Update Now.
  • Click on Reset Update and then select Get Updates.
  • Now, restart QuickBooks and you will be asked to install updates. Do the same.
  • Now, try to open your QuickBooks company file to check if the error is resolved or not.

Updating your QuickBooks to the latest release will automatically resolve the error. If the error is still around, navigate to the next solution.

Connection Issue: Company File On Another System

QuickBooks requires an instant connection with your company file and if fails to establish a connection, you are shown an error from the 6000 series or HXXX series. Mostly the error code occurs when you host your company file on a server.

To resolve the error, first thing you need to check whether the network connection between you server and local workstation is appropriate and server is properly hosting your company file. You can consult your IT professional as well. You also need to check the firewall settings of your system configure it properly.

  • Login to the system with administrator rights.
  • Navigate to the Windows Firewall settings sections.
  • Disable the Windows Firewall for both private and public networks.
  • Click on OK to close the window.

Damaged Company File

One of the main reasons of QuickBooks Error 6150 can also be a damaged QuickBooks company file. You can check the health of your company file and resolve possible data damage issue by using the Verify and Rebuild Data Utility.

  • Open QuickBooks and from the main menu, go to File > Utility > Verify Data.
  • Perform onscreen prompts to complete the process.
  • Once the process finishes, go to File > Utility > Rebuild Data.
  • You will be asked to create a backup of your data. Click on Yes.
  • Now, perform Verify Data again and if you get no issue with your data, start working on your company file.

You can also use the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool to resolve basic data damage issue.

Technical Support For QuickBooks Company File Issues

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Following the steps provided in this article will surely be helpful for you and you should now be able to work on your company file without any issue. In case, the issue still persist, connect with the support department by dialing QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1888-382-7559 for instant support.