QuickBooks File Too Large

QuickBooks is accounting software which makes accounting and the financial task of your business easier. It is very famous among small and medium-sized business organizations. It records and processes a large number of data items to give you detail reports of your business. There are times when QuickBooks File Becomes Too Large which in turn makes QuickBooks run slow. Here we will discuss the causes due to which QuickBooks run slow and how to resolve it. For more information on QuickBooks, you can connect to QuickBooks Technical Support Number +1888-382-7559.

QuickBooks File Too Large

Why QuickBooks File Is Running Slow?

QuickBooks is running slow due to the too large company file. Although the term too large company file is not clearly mentioned in the QuickBooks, there is a point in the when the company file becomes too large.

Why QuickBooks File Takes Large Space?

QuickBooks records a large number of database like every single transaction, name, account, invoices, receipts, etc. When these records are accumulated for a long time, it starts creating issues in QuickBooks. In QuickBooks Pro and Premier, the maximum numbers of items should be less than 14000. The maximum limit in QuickBooks is 100000. In QuickBooks software, press F2 to know the total number of items in QuickBooks.

Issues And Errors Due To Large Files Size In QuickBooks

We have mentioned a few issues and error which occur due to large company file:

  • QuickBooks runs slowly and often crashes
  • Entry in QuickBooks becomes very slow.
  • There is a risk of file getting corrupted and losing your database.
  • You may fail to create backup due to corrupt files.

How To Resolve Issues Due To Large Files in QuickBooks?

Below are a few mentioned  methods by which you can solve the issues which are caused due to large files in QuickBooks:

Method 1: Condense Your Company File

The condense feature in QuickBooks allows you to reduce your file size by replacing your last year company file to smaller monthly journal entries. The database of previous years transaction is finished by the P&L statement and Balance sheet remain the same. A back of your previous year’s data is made so that you can see your previous years’ data in detail if required.

Method 2: Clean Up Company Data

This feature allows you to create a new file with all your list of items like a customer, vendors, etc, but without any transactions. You have to manually re-create the opening balance of all your accounts including open invoices, open bills, inventory, bank accounts; etc. This method reduces the file to 50-80% of its actual size.

Method 2: Create A New Company File

This is the last option to solve the issue. In this method, you have to create all the opening balance and all the list of items. There are certain scenarios when you have to choose this option:

  • Your item list is old and reached its maximum limit
  • Your company database is corrupted and cannot be solved

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Technical Support For QuickBooks

Hopefully, the above methods should have resolved your issues which were created due to large company files in QuickBooks. If you need any further assistance in resolving above issues or any kind of technical support in QuickBooks, you can contact QuickBooks Tech Support number +1888-382-7559. Our highly experienced technical advisors will assist you round the clock to resolve your QuickBooks errors and problems.

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