QuickBooks Won’t Update Bank Account: [Resolved]

While connecting your bank account and credit card account with your QuickBooks Desktop, you are provided the option to track your income and expenses without entering your account details again and again. The Bank Feeds feature in QuickBooks Desktop allows you to download your transactions and other online services without having to login to your bank account every time. Through the Bank Feeds feature in QuickBooks Desktop, the transactions can be done from your bank account and credit card easily.

However, in several cases, many users have faced issues with the bank feeds feature. There are multiple errors regarding the Bank feeds in QuickBooks and QuickBooks Won’t Update Bank Account is one of them. It is one of most common bank feeds error that generally occurs when you try to make changes in the existing account, but those changes are not visible in QuickBooks. It is common but frustrating issue because if the changes made in bank feeds are not visible, you may face other errors and issues as well.

If you are also going through the QuickBooks Won’t Update Bank Account issue and looking to resolve it manually, this article can help you out in many ways. We will be providing you the solutions for this error so that you can use your Bank Feeds services again. In case you require any kind of help, connect with our ProAdvisor at QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number +1888-382-7559 toll-free.

Why QuickBooks Won’t Update Your Bank Account Transactions?

There are multiple reasons that can lead to the bank feeds errors and some of them are as follow:

  • Unstable or week internet connection.
  • Random power or network timeout.
  • Your system crashes while updating the account.
  • Misconfigured firewall settings are restricting QuickBooks to update bank feeds manually.
  • Some technical issues with your bank’s website.

How To Resolve The QuickBooks Won’t Update Bank Account?

If you want to update your bank account or credit card account in QuickBooks and want to resolve it, it is important to know the name of your bank account and its website. You need to perform the following steps to resolve the error:

Solution 1: Manually Update The Account

Initially, we will help you out in updating the bank account manually. Updating the bank account will refresh the connection between QuickBooks and bank’s website and that will help you in resolve the issue:

  • Run QuickBooks and from the main menu, go to Banking > Bank and Credit Cards.
  • Choose your account that you want to update and then click on Update.

Note: You may require to click on Update option multiple times to create a stable connection between QuickBooks and the bank’s website.

Solution 2: Check If You Can Access The Bank’s Website

  • From the main menu, go to Banking > Add Account.
  • Choose the bank from the list and then use correct login credentials for your bank account.
  • Make sure that you have complete access to your account. You can try using few of its services like account summary, account history and account details. If you manage all those services completely, there are no issues with your bank account. Now, try to update your bank account in QuickBooks again by following the Solution 1.

If you are still facing same issues with updating you bank accounts in QuickBooks, it is possible that there are some issues with the installation of your QuickBooks Desktop. It is also possible that there are some banking related errors available in your QuickBooks that doesn’t allow you to make any kind of modifications in your bank account.

These online banking errors are common yet a serious concern for you as you may be restricted from performing various important processes in QuickBooks. These errors can also damage your reconciled bank transactions.

Technical Support For QuickBooks Bank Feed Errors

Performing the steps provided in this article should be helpful for you in resolving the QuickBooks Won’t Update Bank Account issue completely. It is highly recommended resolving this error as soon as possible to avoid any further issue. If you are still not able to resolve the error or you are having some doubts in any of the step while performing the solutions, you can connect with our technical support department by just dialing our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1888-382-7559 to get instant support for your issues.