QuickBooks Error 6147, 0: [Company File Issues]

QuickBooks Desktop has various errors and issues and to understand these errors easily, Intuit has assigned various error series and categories. QuickBooks Error 6147, 0 is one such error which is a part of QuickBooks 6000 error series that represent company file issues in QuickBooks. This error generally occurs when you try to create or restore your backup company file over a network connection. You are restricted to take a backup of your company file.

QuickBooks Error 6147, 0: [Company File Issues]

QuickBooks Error 6147 is a common company file error but it can definitely affect your workflow. Because this error is related to your company file, it becomes really important to resolve this error as soon as possible because it can even lead to data damage situation as well. In this article, we will be assisting you in resolving the QuickBooks Error Code 6147, 0 by following some basic guidelines provided by Intuit. In case you require any kind of assistance while performing the solution steps, you can contact us at our toll-free QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number +1888-382-7559.

What Causes The Error Code 6147, 0 In QuickBooks?

There are three major causes due to which this error can occur and they are as follow:

  • Damaged or corrupt QuickBooks company file.
  • You tried to restore QuickBooks data backup over a network drive which is not possible.
  • You have assigned more than 210 characters for the backup file name.

Solutions For QuickBooks Error 6147, 0

If you are facing the QuickBooks Error Code 6147 while creating a backup of your company file then the first thing that you need to is check which version of QuickBooks you are using to manage your business. If you are using a version older than 2016, try to update your QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release. If you are still facing the same issue even after updating QuickBooks, follow the steps provided in this section:

Solution 1: Rename The .TLG And .ND Files

There are various files and components that are important to run QuickBooks smoother and TLG and ND is one of them. You can also face this error and other errors from 6000 error series if these files get damaged. However, you can easily resolve the issue by just renaming the tlg and nd files. These files have the same name as your company file but with a different file extension.

  • Open the Windows Explorer by pressing Windows + E
  • Navigate to the folder that stores your QuickBooks company file.
  • Locate and right-click on the files with .ND and .TLG extensions like Company_file.qbw.nd and Company_file.qbw.tlg.
  • Select Rename from the drop-down options and add the word OLD at the end of file name. Example: Company_file.qbw.nd.OLD
  • Now, run QuickBooks and open your company file. If you still get the same issue, move on to the next solution.

Solution 2: Re-configure The Trend Micro Active Scan Settings

Re-configuring the Trend Micro Active Scan settings can be helpful for you in resolving the company file issues.

  • Open your QuickBooks software with administrator rights.
  • From the main menu of QuickBooks, go to File and then select Open.
  • Browse to the folder where your company file is located.
  • Select your company file and click on Open.
  • Now, run the Tend Micro active scan settings and set up an exemption to disregard the folder.

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Technical Support For QuickBooks Company Files

The provided solutions should allow you to resolve the QuickBooks Error 6140, 0 and you should now be able to backup or restore your company files easily. You can also perform these steps for other company files and backup related issues. In case, you couldn’t resolve the error by following these steps, connect with technical support department at our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1888-382-7559 to get instant support.