QuickBooks Error 3002

QuickBooks enables you to handle the daily accounting and financial management tasks with ease while reducing human intervention in the tasks. QB can also help you in growing the overall efficiency and productivity of your business. Even though QuickBooks claims to be error free but it still runs into several errors and issues.

In this blog post, we will be showing you how you can fix the QuickBooks Error 3002 on your workstation. This error is a part of the 3000 series errors of QuickBooks. We will be now discussing the solutions in detail to fix this error.

If you do not have the time to go through all the steps and need an instant fix then dial the toll-free QuickBooks Customer Support Phone Number +1888-382-7559.

Symptoms Of The Error 3002

  1. Your QuickBooks is not responding to any instructions.
  2. Synchronization of the data is failing or interrupted.
  3. Windows is responding slow to instructions given.
  4. Your QuickBooks Won’t Open.
  5. Sync Manager Errors on your screen.

Causes Of The QuickBooks Error 3002

It cannot be detected what exactly triggered this error to pop-up on your screen as there are several reasons. But this error is most common on the workstations which are running on the Windows 10 Operating Systems as it comes with a new work frame and services. The 2020 versions of QuickBooks are compatible to work on Windows 10. Other reasons are:

  1. Data was already synced on QuickBooks using the regular mechanisms.
  2. You accidentally closed or refreshed the window when Intuit Sync Manager was in process of synchronizing the data.
  3. You do not have enough space on your local storage device or Random Access Memory (RAM) on your workstation.

Other Errors That Can Show Up On Your Screen

  1. QuickBooks Error 3003
  2. QuickBooks Error 3004
  3. QuickBooks Error 3005
  4. QuickBooks Error 3008

How To Fix The QuickBooks Error 3002?

There are two solutions for fixing this error. It is possible that the error will be fixed for some people by following the first solution and for others, the second solution will work. Move on to the second solution if the first one does not work for you.

Solution 1: Using The Task Manager To Verify The Status Of The Processes

  1. Start the synchronization process again and let it run in the background.
  2. Go back to your home screen or desktop screen.
  3. Open the Task Manager on your screen by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete buttons together on your keyboard.
  4. Click on the Processes tab in the Task Manager.
  5. Look for dbmlsync.exe in the processes to see if it is running or not.
  6. If this process is not running then get in touch with the QuickBooks ProAdvisors as it is an error in the code of QuickBooks Desktop.

Solution 2: Verify If Any Installed Application Or Tool Is Causing The Problem

We need to check if any third-party application like Anti-virus, Anti-malware or Anti-adware is interfering with QuickBooks processes.

  1. Deactivate your Anti-virus or Firewall or else, configure your Firewall so that it does not restrict QuickBooks processes.
  2. Make sure that no other application is running in the background while you are synchronizing your data.
  3. Ensure that the third-party applications are configured properly.
  4. Uninstall any third-party application or tool that you have recently installed on your workstation.
  5. Get the latest update available for your QuickBooks version.
  6. Check if your workstation has the minimum requirements to run QuickBooks Desktop.
  7. Ensure that the Company file is available in the mentioned location on your local storage device.

You should be able to fix the QuickBooks Error 3002 by following the steps mentioned in our blog post. But, if you are still encountering this error on your screen or have any question on your mind, then do not hesitate to talk to our QuickBooks ProAdvisors by dialing the toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-888-382-7559.