QuickBooks Desktop Update Errors

This will help you in resolving all the common QuickBooks Update Errors that are not allowing you to update your QuickBooks version.

QuickBooks Desktop Update Errors

From May 31, 2019, Intuit is going to discontinue the QuickBooks 2016 versions and it is important for the 2016 version users to be updated on the latest version. But it is reported that the users are facing some update errors while updating application. Some of the most commonly faced update errors are as follow:

This article will provide you the in-depth solution for the QuickBooks update error so that you can update your software to the latest release. However, you can also get in touch with us at QuickBooks Customer Support to get instant resolution for your issues.

Causes Of QuickBooks Update Errors

The main causes of QuickBooks update errors are as given below:

  • Unstable internet connection on your system
  • Incorrect date and time of your system
  • Third-party firewall program is identifying the update as a threat to your system
  • Damaged update link

How To Resolve QuickBooks Update Issues?

Solution 1: Check the system date and time on the computer.

The most common factor that leads to the update error is the incorrect time and date of your system. You need to check the date & time if your system and set it if it is not correct.

  • Right-click at the bottom left corner of your screen where the time and date is shown.
  • Click on Adjust Date/Time and then select the Change date and time
  • Provide the accurate date and time and then click on OK
  • Close and open QuickBooks again.
  • Now, try to the update of QuickBooks Desktop again.

Solution 2:  Check your Internet Connection Settings

You might be facing the update issues if the internet connection is not proper or the internet connection settings are not configured properly. It is also possible that the Intuit.com is not included in list of secure sites. To test it, you need to visit the chase banking site. If the site couldn’t be reached then you won’t be able to download the QuickBooks updates. In such scenarios, you need to contact your internet service provider for help.

If the chase banking website could be reached then you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Go to Help > Internet Connection Setup
  • Click on Use my computer’s Internet connection settings to establish a connection when this application accesses the Internet.
  • Click on Next.
  • Go to the Advanced Connection Settings.
  • Select Restore Advanced Settings from the Advanced tab and then click on Ok.
  • Click on Done.
  • Try to update the QuickBooks Desktop again.
Keep the following in mind:

·        Download accelerators can interfere with the download process. Before downloading updates, be sure to disable your download accelerator. Contact your ISP for more information.

·        If you use a dial-up connection, verify that the minimum connection speed is 28.8 kilobits per second (Kb/s).

·        If you use America On line (AOL), log on to AOL with the master login name, if possible, and be sure that the Parental Controls settings are not enabled. For more information, see AOL’s online support.

Internet Security Or Personal Firewall Application Settings

Internet security settings and misconfigured firewall settings can also create the update issues. In order to update the QuickBooks software properly, the Ports 80 & 443 should be enabled and you have to provide the below-mentioned files:

  • AutoBackupExe.exe
  • Dbmlsync.exe
  • DBManagerExe.exe
  • FileManagement.exe
  • FileMovementExe.exe
  • IntuitSyncManager.exe
  • QBCFMonitorService.exe
  • QBDBMgr.exe
  • QBDBMgrN.exe
  • QBGDSPlugin.exe
  • QBLaunch.exe
  • QBServerUtilityMgr.exe
  • QBW32.exe
  • QuickBooksMessaging.exe

If some other processes are using these ports then the QuickBooks Database server manager utilized as a fallback port named 56719.

You can learn more about configuring the specific firewall ports for your QuickBooks Desktop versions from the official website of Intuit.

Warning Because of the complexity and number of available firewall programs, Intuit cannot provide support for specific firewall issues. For help configuring your firewall, check with your system or network administrator, the vendor of your firewall software or hardware, the manufacturer’s or software developer’s Web site, or a local computer consultant.

Multiple Instances Of QuickBooks Desktop On The Same Computer

Update errors in QuickBooks can also occur if there is multiple QuickBooks installation of the same version. In such scenarios, the program will get confused because it won’t identify the installation for with the update is requested. If this is the case, then you need to uninstall one of the QuickBooks version and then try to update QuickBooks again.

QuickBooks Upgrade Support Services

The provided solutions should allow you to resolve almost every update issue in the QuickBooks software if not then you can contact the Intuit QuickBooks Support.

If all the efforts couldn’t resolve the issue then it might be possible that the installation of the QuickBooks is damaged. In such scenarios, you need uninstall and reinstall the QuickBooks software using a fresh source because the damaged installation source can also lead to these update errors.

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If you still get the same issue and couldn’t update the QuickBooks software then we recommend you to get in touch with us at our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1888-382-7559 to get instant QuickBooks support.