QuickBooks is very advanced accounting tools which have helped small and medium size business organizations in many ways. Intuit keeps upgrading QuickBooks from time to time with new and improved features. If you are using QuickBooks 2016 then you should know that from 31st May 2019, it is getting discontinued. Here we are going to discuss the same thing: QuickBooks 2016 Versions Expired: Upgrade To The Latest Edition Now. Meanwhile, you can connect to QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number +1888-382-7559 for getting QuickBooks Support for upgrading 2019 desktop versions.

QuickBooks Versions That Are Being Discontinued

If you are using any of the below QuickBooks version listed below, some of its functionality will stop working post 31st May 2019. However basic features of the software will still work in QuickBooks Pro 2016.

  • QuickBooks Pro Plus 2016
  • QuickBooks Premier 2016
  • QuickBooks Premier Plus 2016
  • QuickBooks Enterprise 2016
  • QuickBooks Accountant
  • QuickBooks Mac 2016

To upgrade your QuickBooks software to a new version, call immediately on QuickBooks Support Number +1888-382-7559. Our technical executive will upgrade your old version of QuickBooks to new QuickBooks Desktop 2019 version.

What Does Service Discontinuation Mean?

In simple language, you will not be able to access the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll services, Live Support Services, Online backup, Banking facility and many more features from your QuickBooks Desktop 2016 software post 31st May 2019. It also states that we will not provide any important updates from June 1, 2019.

What Are The Features That Will Be Discontinued From QuickBooks 2016 version?

There are many features that will not be available on QuickBooks Desktop 2016 post 31 May 2019. It is recommended that you upgrade to the new QuickBooks Desktop 2019 version to enjoy full features of the software.

  • QuickBooks desktop payroll services
  • Online backup
  • Bill Pay
  • Critical security updates
  • Live support
  • Accountant’s Copy File Transfer (ACFT) service
  • Online Banking
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Check processing
  • Intuit Payment Network
  • Multi-currency/Exchange Rate

Upgrade To QuickBooks Desktop 2019 Versions

QuickBooks 2019 is now available with some important new and improved features. You can contact on QuickBooks Upgrade 2019 Support Number +1888-382-7559 anytime if you face any trouble while taking a backup of data or moving files from the old version to the new version. We are always available to make your upgrade experience smoother and easier.

What Are The Important Features Of QuickBooks Desktop 2019 Versions?

The QuickBooks Desktop Version 2019 has some new and important features which can prove beneficial to its users.  The new features are available in all the editions like QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Accountant 2019 and Enterprise 19.0. Some of the features are listed below:

  • The Invoice History Tracker
  • Credit Transfer Between Jobs of the same customer
  • Improved Go to Pay Bills Button
  • The Vendor Filter
  • Show Inactive Items in Inventory Reports
  • Added Feature in Condense Data Option
  • Intuit Interchange Format Import Feature is improved
  • Vacation and Sick Tracking Feature are improved
  • Easy Upgrade
  • Simple Migration to Another System
  • Easy creation of backup to your Data File with Intuit Data Protect

What Are The System Requirements For QuickBooks 2019 And Enterprise Solutions 19.0?

The requirements of the operating system, database server, and hardware for the installation of QuickBooks 2019 And Enterprise Solutions 19.0 are mentioned below:

Operating Systems

  • Windows 10, all editions containing 64-bit, natively installed1
  • Windows 8.1 (Update 1) all editions including 64-bit, natively installed
  • Windows 7 SP1 all editions including 64-bit, natively installed
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Windows Server 2011, Standard and Essentials
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

Database Servers

  • Windows: Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2011, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows 10, Windows 8.1 (update 1) or Windows 7 SP1 (Enterprise and Professional editions only), natively installed.
  • Linux: When using QBES Database Server-only installation – OpenSuse 42.3, Fedora 27, Red Hat Enterprise 7 (RHEL 7.4)

Hardware and Operating system requirements (client and server)


  • 4 GHz minimum
  • 4GB minimum, 8GB Recommended

Ram (Server RAM Requirements)

  • 1-5 Users: 8GB RAM
  • 10 Users: 12GB RAM
  • 15 Users: 16GB RAM
  • 20 Users: 20+GB RAM

Disk Space

  • 5GB of disk space (additional required for data files).
  • Additional software: 60MB for Microsoft .NET 4.6 Runtime, provided on the QuickBooks CD.
  • Additional requirements for Intuit Data Protect in QuickBooks. Connected Services offerings (applies to the US only).
  • Require minimum 4.0GB RAM.
  • Double the size of the largest file set to back up + 100MB or twice the size to restore. The space is only needed from the work folder LocalApplicationData+”Intuit\Intuit Data Protect”.


  • US version of Windows (if using US QuickBooks software), the Canadian version of Windows (if using Canadian QuickBooks software)
  • Regional settings are supported when set to English (United States/Canada) with keyboard setting to US/CA only
  • Administrator rights required for the server computer when hosting Multi-User access
  • Natively installed – means it was installed on a particular system or environment that it was designed for. This also means it doesn’t need to run in a virtual environment or emulation software.

Optical Drive

  • 4X DVD-ROM drive required for CD installations (unless QuickBooks is downloaded from Intuit server)

Screen Resolution

  • Display optimized for 1280 x 1024 screen resolution or higher with up to 2 Extended monitors
  • Best optimized for Default DPI setting for a given computer.

Reach For Support For Upgrading to Latest Version QuickBooks Support 2019

Our technical executives are always available round the clock to assist you in backing up data or moving files to a new version while upgrading to the latest version. You can call any time on QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number +1888-382-7559 to get quick assistance from experienced and reliable advisors. You can directly chat on Intuit QuickBooks Chat Support.

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