Maximum number of list entries In QuickBooks Desktop (List Limits And Custom Fields)

In this article, we will be providing you the complete information about the maximum number of list entries that can be created in QuickBooks Desktop.

Maximum number of list entries In QuickBooks Desktop (List Limits And Custom Fields)

We have various sections where we have provided number of list entries you can add or have in QuickBooks Desktop. It can be a very crucial thing for your business because it allows you to manage your company file with much more efficiency. In case you have some doubts or you are facing some issues related to the list entries, you can contact us at our QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number +1888-382-7559 to get instant support.

Important: If you are using the QuickBooks Desktop Pro or Premier and you want to add extra entries, you need to upgrade your software version to QuickBooks Enterprise. If you want to upgrade your QuickBooks subscription, you can contact us at QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number +1888-382-7559.

List limits for QuickBooks Desktop for Windows

List name Max number of entries (Pro, Premier) Max number of entries (Enterprise)
Chart of Accounts 10,000 100,000
Total names: Employees Customers, Vendors, and Other Names combined 14 500 (individual limits of each list is 10 500 >100,000
Items, including inventory items (group items can contain only 20 individual items) 14,500 >100,000
Items in an inventory assembly or sub-assembly 100 500
Job types 10,000 10,000
Vendor types 10,000 100,000
Customer types 10,000 100,000
Payroll items 10,000 10,000
Price Levels 100 750
Classes 10,000 100,000
Terms for receivables and payables 10,000 29,000
Payment methods 10,000 10,000
Shipping methods 10,000 10,000
Customer messages 10,000 100,000
Ship To addresses 10,000 10,000
Memorized reports 10,000 29,000
Memorized transactions 10,000 50,000
To Do notes 10,000 100,000
Sales Reps 10,000 10,000
Sales Tax Codes 10,000 10,000
Group Items & Sales Tax Group Items 50 50
Advanced Inventory Sites N/A 1,000,000
Advanced Pricing Price Rules N/A 100,000
Contacts No limit No limit
Custom Fields 20 45
Item custom field 5 15
Customers/Vendors/Employees custom fields 15 30

QuickBooks Enterprise 14.0 and newer versions provides you the benefit to add up-to a million names and items. However, there can be situations when you can face several issues if the number of lists reaches to their maximum size limit.

To know about the size limits of your lists, you can press the F2 key or CTRL + 1 keys to verify the List Information section or the File Size from the File Information section.

For custom fields, the table displays sums that are a combination of the allowable custom fields for customers, vendors, and employees:

  • Pro/Premier:There are 15 custom fields, but you can’t have more than 7 per category.
  • Enterprise Solutions:There are 30 fields, but you can’t have 12 fields per category.

List Limit For QuickBooks Desktop For MAC

Read the following table carefully to know the maximum number of entries of specific list.

Some of the items from the list were not there in the previous versions of QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

List name Max number of entries
Chart of Accounts 10,000
Items, including inventory items

(Group items can only contain 20 individual items)

Job Types 10,000
Vendor Types 10,000
Customer Types 10,000
Purchase Orders 10,000
Classes 10,000
A/R Terms and A/P Terms added together 10,000
Payment methods 10,000
Shipping methods 10,000
Customer messages 10,000
Memorized reports 14,500
Memorized transactions 14,500
To Do List 10,000
Names added together (Employees, Customers, Vendors, and Other Names) 14,500

Names added together: All the mentioned lists can contain up to 10,000 names and list but they can’t exceed 14,500.

Practical Limitations

QuickBooks Desktop is specially designed and developed for the companies that employees around 20-30 employees and the annual revenue of business is less than 2 million US dollars. QuickBooks Desktop is an efficient software that allows you to track two years of transactions in a company file. This helps you in running comparative reports gather information about the future expenses.

The size of QuickBooks company file depends on the type of business you own. There are multiple factors on which the size of company file depends such as the number of transactions, number of information entered in transaction and amount of links per transaction.

However, if you are having any performance issues with QuickBooks because of the excessive number of names or items added in the list, you can use the condense data utility to troubleshoot the issue.

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But, before using the condense data  utility for your company file, it is advised to have a complete information about this condense data process from the QuickBooks User’s Guide or you can also contact the support department of Intuit. For this, you just need to call us at our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1888-382-7559, and you will be directly connected with one of our ProAdvisor who will provide you the best technical support for QuickBooks.