ERROR: User Name Already In Use when logging into QuickBooks

QuickBooks is accounting software widely used by small and middle-size business organizations. It acts as one-stop solution for all your accounting and financial management needs. QuickBooks accounting software can manage sales, expense, pay bills, create payroll, and calculate taxes and many more complex and tedious business activities. But being software, errors are inevitable as you use the software. QuickBooks User Already Logged In Error is one such error. Sometimes when you try to login to your QuickBooks it displays the following error message on the screen

User is already logged into the Company file.

QuickBooks User Already Logged In Error

Here in this article, we discuss this issue and method to fix it. For any help, you can contact QuickBooks Support Phone Number 1888-529-1015 to get assistance from our experts.

How To Fix QuickBooks User Already Logged In Error?

There are many ways by which you can fix QuickBooks User Already Logged In Error. Some of the methods are listed below:

Method 1: Use Task Manager

  • Firstly open the Task Manager and end all the processes of QuickBooks that are opened.
  • Press the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys on your keyboard to open task manager window.
  • Click on the processes tab in Task manager.
  • Choose the Processes that start with QB and end all the opened process.
  • Now login on the company data file.
  • If you still encounter the same error then start the server storing and hosting of company files.
  • When you have done the above task then open QuickBooks again and try to login to company files.
  • If the error still exists then try to login as another user or contact your administrator to change the company files.

By following the above steps you can easily resolve QuickBooks User Already Logged In Error. But if the issue is still not resolved then restore the backup which was taken before the issue occurred and the enter the data again.

Method 2: Disable QuickBooks Messenger

  • Log in to QuickBooks as the administrator in the multi-user mode.
  • Go to the QuickBooks File menu and click on the Utilities
  • Click on the Disable QuickBooks Messenger
  • Next, log out of the company file.
  • Now log in again to your QuickBooks Company File.

Method 2: Close QuickBooks For Another User:

  • Open the QuickBooks Messenger on your system.
  • Next, click on the Actions drop-down
  • Now Choose the Close Company File for Users option
  • Next, Choose the User for whom you want to deny QuickBooks access.
  • Click on the Close Company File
  • Press the Yes button when A box will appear asking for confirmation.

How To Get Technical Support?

You can always contact on Intuit QuickBooks Support Number 1888-529-1015 for any type of query or information related to QuickBooks or QuickBooks software. Our QuickBooks Error Support experts are available 24×7 to fix all the QuickBooks related issues. We have a team of skilled and experienced technicians who deal with all types of QuickBooks on a regular basis. Our primary motive is to provide 100% customer satisfaction to our customers. You just have to call QuickBooks Customer Support Phone Number 1888-529-1015 and your all issues will be resolved in quick time.

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