How To Configure Firewall Security Settings For QuickBooks Desktop?: [Complete Guide]

This post will help you in configuring firewall security setting for QuickBooks. It is very import to configure firewall ports appropriately because misconfigured firewall settings can restrict various online processes for QuickBooks such as:

  • Online Banking
  • QuickBooks update
  • Modifications in the company file if it is located on a network drive
  • Other add-on services

Configure Firewall Security Settings For QuickBooks Desktop

Configuring firewall for QuickBooks is very important to process online payments and while updating QuickBooks. If you haven’t configured properly, you may face various issues while updating QuickBooks Desktop. In case you can’t set up firewall settings for QuickBooks or facing any kind of issue during the process, you can contact QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number +1888-382-7559 for instant solutions.

Configure Firewall Ports Automatically

Running QuickBooks File Doctor tool will automatically open the firewall ports. This tool can be used for configuring the Windows Firewall automatically.

Configure Firewalls Manually

QuickBooks 2016 and later version uses dynamic ports. The ports get assigned when you install QuickBooks that ensures it uses an exclusive port. The usual format of the port for QuickBooks 2019 is: 8019, XXXX (XXXX indicates the port number assigned to the QuickBooks Desktop)

Get the dynamic port number for QuickBooks 2019:

  • Run QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Navigate to the Port Monitor tab and locate QuickBooks Desktop 2019.
  • Write down the Port Number. This will be used for your firewall port exception.

Things to know:

The Port assignment can be changed by choosing Renew. But you have to open the Scan Folders tab and choose Scan Now to reset the firewall permissions. The ports can only be renewed in the 2019 versions because 2018 and earlier versions comes with static ports mentioned below:

QuickBooks Desktop 2018 and older versions comes with static ports with assigned range in each version. It follows the port format: 8019, XXXXX, XXXXX-XXXXX.

Add Firewall port exception for QuickBooks

For multi-user mode in QuickBooks, perform the steps mentioned below for each year version:

  • From the Start menu, go to Windows Firewall.
  • Navigate to the Advanced Settings.
  • Locate and right-click on Inbound Rules and from the drop-down options, select New Rule.
  • Select Port and then click on Next.
  • Make sure that the TCP is selected.
  • Provide the ports required as per your QuickBooks version and select Next. QuickBooks Desktop 2019: 8019, XXXXX. (XXXXX is referred to the port number added in the QuickBooks Database Server Manager)
    • QuickBooks Desktop 2018: 8019, 56728, 55378-55382
    • QuickBooks Desktop 2017: 8019, 56727, 55373-55377
    • QuickBooks Desktop 2016: 8019, 56726, 55368-55372
  • Select Allow the Connection and then Next.
  • Put a checkmark on all the profile and then click on Next.
  • Assign a name to the firewall rule like QBPorts(year) and then click on Finish.
  • Perform same steps for the Outbound Rules and then try to open QuickBooks in multi-user mode.

If you get any kind of error while connecting, you have to create exception to programs QuickBooks requires in Windows Firewall.

Create Firewall exceptions for QuickBooks programs

QuickBooks uses some executable files to process various features. You have to configure your firewall and antivirus programs to get executable files list and then perform following steps:

  • Go to the Windows Firewall settings and then open Advanced Settings
  • Locate and right-click on the Inbound Rules.
  • Select New Rule from the drop-down options.
  • Select This Program Path and then click on Browse.
  • Navigate to the file location and then select Next.
  • Choose Allow the Connection and then click on Next.
  • Put a checkmark on all the profile that you are asked to.
  • Provide a name to this firewall rule such as QBPorts(year).
  • Click on Finish
  • Perform same steps for the Outbound Rules and (select Outbound Rules instead of Inbound in the 3rd step).

Configure Your Anti-Virus Or Firewall Programs

Configure and set up the anti-virus or firewall programs. You only have to do this when the issue couldn’t be resolved even after configuring Windows Firewall.

  • There are so many firewall programs are there in the market and that’s why Intuit doesn’t provide you the solutions to configure them. You have to contact your manufacturer to get solutions.
  • Intuit doesn’t offer support third-party security applications. Usually, adding ports to the Windows Firewall resolves the issue but if you are still not able to resolve the issue and you use QuickBooks in multi-user mode, you will have to add the following directories to your third-party security program.

Add QuickBooks ports exception on your Antivirus or Firewall

The TCP needs to be added, and you have to choose and enter the ports essential for your QuickBooks year version. Validate your port number for your QuickBooks version from the Manually configure exceptions and ports section. If you use multi-user mode, you have to add the ports for each year.

Add the following executable files on your Antivirus or Firewall

If you see Program Files (x86), go there as that means you are on a 64-bit Operating system.

If you see Program Files (x86), go there as that means you are on a 64-bit Operating system.

Executable files Location
AutoBackupExe.exe C:\Program Files\Intuit\QUICKBOOKS YEAR
Dbmlsync.exe C:\Program Files\Intuit\QUICKBOOKS YEAR
DBManagerExe.exe C:\Program Files\Intuit\QUICKBOOKS YEAR
FileManagement.exe C:\Program Files\Intuit\QUICKBOOKS YEAR
FileMovementExe.exe C:\Program Files\Intuit\QUICKBOOKS YEAR
QuickBooksMessaging.exe C:\Program Files\Intuit\QUICKBOOKS YEAR
QBW32.exe C:\Program Files\Intuit\QUICKBOOKS YEAR
QBDBMgrN.exe C:\Program Files\Intuit\QUICKBOOKS YEAR
QBGDSPlugin.exe C:\Program Files\Intuit\QUICKBOOKS YEAR
QBServerUtilityMgr.exe C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks
QBCFMonitorService.exe C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks
QBLaunch.exe C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks
QBUpdate.exe C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit\QuickBooks\QBUpdate
IntuitSyncManager.exe C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit\Sync
OnlineBackup.exe C:\Program Files\QuickBooks Online Backup

Technical Support For QuickBooks Firewall Configuration Issues

Hopefully, you find this article helpful and you manage to Configure Firewall Security Settings For QuickBooks Desktop to resolve the issues that you are facing. However, if you couldn’t resolve the issue or you are not able to configure firewall settings, you can connect with our support team by dialing our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1888-382-7559 and get instant solution for your issues.